The sense of humor cell’s connected to the work ethic molecule

May 30th, 2008 – 1:10 PM by Patricia Lopez

They may favor early morning prayer breakfasts over late night lampshade parties, but that doesn’t mean Minnesota Republicans have no sense of humor.

A group that could describe itself as the Republican wing of the Republican party, the Conservative Conscience Coalition, was circulating a pamphlet this morning that included a full-color display map titled: the Socialist Brain of a Liberal Democrat. Check it out here.

Among the highlights (or lowlights, depending on your political persuasion): a broccoli stem where the brain stem should be (promotes a vegan diet) and a hypothalamus bloated by its guilt for history. The map notes that the original spinal cord was bred out of the species after WWII.

Wonder what kind of Republican brain map Dems might come up with?

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